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The right time to seek my counsel is as soon as you know your town is going to begin its assessment process. We can discuss what to look for, the time limits, and we can begin to gather and prepare the information that will be necessary to prosecute your tax appeal and discuss the retaining of an appraiser.

The critical first step in winning a municipal tax appeal is to make a careful analysis of the valuation to determine whether or not the appeal has merit. Often the difference is in knowing how the volatile, quickly-turning markets we have experienced in recent years behave and impact valuations. Principal Greg Cava has represented property owners and municipalities in this process and have achieved favorable results for both positions within a reasonable budget. Why don't we take a percentage of the recovery in lieu of a fee?  Because THE CAVA LAW FIRM LLC model for representation in ad valorem tax appeals is that of a disinterested advocate for your interests, not your 'partner' in the appeal. The only interest we represent is yours. And while noone can guarantee results, we will tell you if we think your appeal lacks merit

Ad Valorem Tax Appeals

Whether you own income-producing property such as an apartment building, a retail mall, a shopping center, or an office building where the value of that property is in the income stream, or where the property is the site of your business operations, tax valuation is a critical component of successful operations - and one of the few you can manage.  The municipality engages an appraiser to conduct a mass appraisal every five years. If improvements are made to the property, or improvements are removed, there may be interim reassessments. This process can result in over-assessment and state law provides a process for the property owner, or tenant, to obtain a correction of the assessment.  As soon as you receive your notice of reassessment, if you believe your property has been over assessed, you must seek counsel without delay. The time limits to appeal are very short and require prompt action.