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Land Development

The Role of the Land Use Lawyer
Behind every good development is a team of professionals including lawyers, land surveyors, engineers, architects, landscape architects, wetland and soil scientists, and others. Your land use lawyer is the quarterback of that team. Serving as your guide in navigating the land use process, your land use lawyer will meet with land use officials, prepare and assist in preparing your application, coordinate development team efforts in tailoring the application and presentation to meet municipal requirements, and present your application and take the lead in parrying opposition. This is where experience is important. Principal Greg Cava has served on and been legal counsel to land use commissions dealing with planning, zoning, inland wetland, and conservation functions, as well as the creation and enforcement of municipal land use regulations. Because Greg has experience reviewing and acting on the permits issued by these commissions, he knows how Commissions approach the regulation of land use. This experience permits THE CAVA LAW FIRM LLC to identify the sorts of issues than can derail an application and to work to resolve potential concerns before the application is submitted. And what's more - your land use lawyer also acts as your advocate in the effort to keep the commission on task and from straying into regulatory red herrings that can derail an otherwise well-conceived and proper application.

THE CAVA LAW FIRM LLC can  assist you with obtaining approval for:

  • Conventional subdivisions
  • Vertical subdivisions (avoids land use application and approval process)
  • Special permits and special exceptions
  • Site plan approval
  • Variances
  • Zone changes
  • Coastal site plan approval
  • Coastal permits
  • State Traffic Commission major generator certificates
  • Inland wetland regulated activity permits
  • Certificates of zoning compliance,
  • Other required land use permits and
  • The defense of zoning enforcement actions

Win or lose before the commission, in the event it is necessary to defend or prosecute an appeal of the commission's decision to Superior Court, THE CAVA LAW FIRM LLC can represent your interests in preparing, filing, litigating, briefing, and arguing the appeal.

Assisting the Municipal Land Use Commission
Zoning and land use decisions become more contentious with each passing year.  As more of the available land has disappeared into development in the suburban and rural towns, the remaining open spaces create controversy.  As the pace of infill projects in the cities and urban centers accelerates with improvements in the economy, controversy follows in its wake. More than ever, commissioners need a land use lawyer at the table when they make their decisions in order to make sure those decisions stick. From assisting commissioners to craft clear and concise regulations, to helping them apply those regulations to the proposals before them, THE CAVA LAW FIRM LLC can assist your land use commissions in making the kinds of decisions that avoid appeals and when appealed, are more defensible.